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Special Publications

To purchase any of the following special publications, visit our Capitol Store or call 602-258-7026.

Guides & Directories

Citizen Government Guide
Are you an educator or physician? Maybe you’re a cosmetologist or a farmer. Whatever your chosen field, you should know who is on the appointive boards and commissions that regulate your profession and many others. Our special publication, Citizen Government: A Guide to Civic Participation in State and Local Government, lists all of the members of the state’s appointive boards and commissions, explains their statutory powers and duties, and gives these agencies’ phone numbers and addresses. It is included as part of any paid subscription to the Arizona Capitol Times. Publishes in July. Price: $15.95.


2019-grd Government Resource Directory
Need to know where to go to get a copy of your birth certificate? Want to incorporate a business? Got a question about the AIMS test? When it comes to navigating the complicated waters of state government, the Government Resource Directoryis your guide. Much more than a directory of names and phone numbers, it contains job descriptions, agency directors, section heads, policy-makers, state lobbyists, state legislators and much more. A veritable state government information bible, most of its information is available nowhere else. Published once a year in December, it is included as part of any paid subscription to the Arizona Capitol Times. Price: $21.95.


2019-political-almanac Political Almanac
This publication features our famous Wall of Knowledge statistics, lists and tables from the files of the Arizona News Service and contains information about the best advisers on campaigns, initiatives and elections, plus statisticians, petition gatherers and more. Publishes in November. Price: $21.95. 

2019-bol-cover Book of Lobbyists and Government Liaisons
An annual publication that serves as a guide to the lobbyists in Arizona, those who are anticipating entering the lobbying arena and anyone who needs to contact key state offices. Inside you will find listings of Arizona lobbyists – including name, company/agency/organization, address and phone number. Plus, there is an easy reference guide to critical contact information for state agencies along with articles and information about the business of lobbying in Arizona. Arizona Capitol Times subscribers receive a copy with their annual subscription. Publishes in January. Price: $21.95.


2019-green-book The Green Book Guide to the Legislature
A pocket-sized booklet that includes legislative members’ photos and biographies, staff names and phone numbers, committee rosters, caucus lists and more. This is the No. 1 guide to the Legislature, and it sells out quickly. Publishes in February. Price: $11.95.

2019-trade-book-cover Trade & Professional Associations Directory
A comprehensive list of the state’s organizations, representing everybody from air conditioning contractors to the Arizona Tourism Alliance. Included in this edition is an analysis by two powerful associations of an important issue facing many Arizonans. No other source contains this volume of information organized in such a user-friendly format. Arizona Capitol Times subscribers receive a copy with their annual subscription. Published in April. Price: $15.95.

Other Publications

 az_prop_taxes Arizona Property Taxes
Arizona’s property tax system is among the most complex in the country. The Arizona Property Taxes booklet has been written to assist Realtors and homebuyers in better understanding this system. Published in conjunction with the Arizona Tax Research Association once a year in March, the booklet contains an explanation of property tax classifications, assessment ratios and appeals procedures. Price: $3.00.

 2012-maps-combo Arizona Legislative & Congressional District Maps
A detailed four-color map of Arizona’s legislative and congressional districts. Includes legislative and congressional district boundaries and numbers, cities, counties, roads, highways and geographical features. Details of the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas are on reverse side. Price: $15.95/ea.


 How a Bill Becomes Law

How a Bill Becomes Law
How a bill becomes law in Arizona is explained in plain English and 19 easy-to-read steps. Presented on a full-color 8.5″ x 11″ durable laminated card. Price: $4.00.

 Times_Past_Cover-2 Time Past: Reflections from Arizona History
A collection of 120 historic photos and essays each of which makes a moment in Arizona history come alive. Selected from “Times Past” features that have appeared in the Arizona Capitol Times for 25 years. This book has been accepted as an Arizona Centennial 2012 Legacy Project by the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission. Price: $49.95